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Leatherwood Hotel Soap No. 1 1/2 (HA1155)



Leatherwood Hotel Soaps No. 1 1/2 – 300 Per Case

Previously listed as HA1150

A design inspired by the natural beauty of the Australian native plant Eucryphia Lucida, the Leatherwood Collection combines crisp whites and a subtle floral image to enhance and blend with a wide range of bathroom decor styles. This range has been formulated with economical and environmentally sensitive components in mind. The hair care products contain many natural and organic ingredients to assist with a gentle yet effective cleansing leaving the hair with a natural glow.

Leatherwood Essentials liquids and the unique vegetable base cleansing bars are naturally biodegradable, with the cleansing bar soaps hygienically packed into beautifully finished water resistant wrappers.

Ideal for hotels, motels, bed and breakfasts, country clubs, condos or homes.

300 individually wrapped soaps per case. That’s less than 20 cents per bar!

Each soap is approximately 28 gms/1 oz.

Our Leatherwood Hospitality Amenities Line Includes:
Leatherwood Hotel Soap No. 3/4 (HA1010)
Leatherwood Nourishing Shampoo – .85 oz. (HG1105)
Leatherwood Hand & Body Lotion (HE1105)
Leatherwood Shower Cap (HI1605)
Leatherwood Hotel Soap No. 1 1/2 (HA1155)


Compare to $71.25 Retail

Reviewer: Park City, UT VRBO Condo Owner

We have a condo in Park City, UT, that we rent out from time to time. These little soaps are such a great solution for us. It's a great year-round unit that has some huge cleaning needs between snow and sludge and summer dirt and sand. We buy almost all of our cleaning products and equipment from because we need commercial quality stuff. We bought these little soaps and shampoos from them and LOVE THEM!!! Awesome for a little condo owner like us or even a bed and breakfast owner. Seriously, I cannot recommend enough the amazing stuff these guys have!

Reviewer: Wyoming Motel Manager

We switched to the Leatherwood Soap about 6 months ago, and it's been a great switch. For a small motel manager, getting access to these kinds of great hospitality products has been wonderful.