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Spartan Airlift Smoke & Odor Eliminator - 4 Gal. (CI2201)


Spartan Airlift Smoke & Odor Eliminator

Spartan Chemical Companies Ready-to-use odor neutralizer.

-Dilution: Straight
-pH 6.0, USDA: C1
-4×1 Gallon per Case

Destroys complex odors such as smoke, rancid or stale food, pet odors, mildew. Attacks airborne malodor molecules creating a chemical reaction for instant neutralization and destruction of nearly every offensive smell.

Spartan Chemical is the most advanced Cleaning Chemical on the market today. uClean offers Spartan Chemicals to those looking for superior performance from their deodorants and all their cleaning chemicals.


Reviewer: Gloria H

This stuff is the bomb. I used it in my home by 1:1 dilution. It is great in the kitchen and bathroom. I wipe my walls sometimes, too. Talk about air freshener!!!