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Spartan NABC Bathroom Cleaner - 4 Gal. (CA2001)


Spartan NABC Bathroom Cleaner – 4 Gallons

Mild, non-acid, bathroom disinfectant for everyday use. Cleans, disinfects, deodorizes toilet bowls, urinals and other restroom surfaces. Effective against the AIDS Virus. Unique floral, fresh scent.

Similar to Butcher’s Bath Mate™

A Quality Spartan Chemical Cleaning Product

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Compare to $61.64 Retail

Reviewer: sandrabmccloud

I have used this particular product since the late 80's and have found nothing better to use. It is a spectacular cleaner in its' job classification. Thanx again for such a great product.

Reviewer: jrperez

company I worked for used this product, and always left a nice clean smell in bathroom. so, I bought a case for home and really love it. only need a little to clean toilet, doesn't leave a residue, and costs way less than traditional toilet bowl cleaners.