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Spartan SD-20 All Purpose Cleaner - 3 Cans (CD2520-3)


Spartan SD-20 All Purpose Cleaner/Degreaser – 3 Cans

Spartan SD-20 is a concentrated, synthetic all purpose cleaner and degreaser. Formulated without soap, free alkali, or ammonia. SD-20 mixes well with hot or cold, hard or soft water. The precision balance of high quality active ingredients permit effective cleaning at high dilution with water.

Spartan SD 20 is an all purpose foam cleaning product fortified with butozyethanol. Provides fast cleaning of any washable surface.

And finally a automotive cleaner and degreaser that takes tire rubber off without smearing!

Ever tried cleaning tire rubber off your race car (okay, regular car for the rest of us) with brake clean? Makes a nasty mess huh? This product is used by 100% of the Winston Cup field to clean tire rubber, oil and grease from their race cars!

-3/20 oz., cans, Net 18 oz.
-SD 20 Cleaner
-pH 10.7, USDA: C1

Spartan Chemical

Spartan Chemical is the most advanced Cleaning Chemical on the market today. uClean offers Spartan Chemicals to those looking for superior performance from their cleaning chemicals.



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Reviewer: NASCAR Fan

This is the auto degreaser that NASCAR pit crews use. SWEET STUFF! I've used it now as a degreaser and cleaner for about a year and IT'S AWESOME!

Reviewer: Mike's Automotive

Great degreaser and cleaner. We use it in the auto shop every day. I use it at home as well. Works great inside the car just as well as outside the car. Great cleaning product.