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Wall Power Foam Action Cleaner - 12 Cans (CD1010)


JohnsonDiversey Wall Power Foam Action Cleaner – 12/20 oz.

Wall Power Foam Action Cleaner cleans all washable surfaces. Power-packed, cuts through dirt, grime and grease build-up without rubbing.

Excellent replacement for Soilax or Soilmax.

Pack: 12 Cans/20 oz. each – Aerosol
Foam Action Cleaner
Only available for ground shipment

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Reviewer: Rachelle

I love this product! Great for anyone with kids, kids and more kids... I used to use soilax then couldn't find it, so I switched to this. I'm happy with it!

Reviewer: Marilyn Gardner

More than twenty years ago this product was called "Big Wally" and sold in grocery stores. When it disappeared I was devastated. When I traced it through SC Johnson under its new name I have been ordering it by the case. It is fantastic!!! I even wrap up two or three cans and give it to anyone moving to a new home as a little housewarming gift. It cleans just about anything--including nicotine off walls.