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GP Forward Cleaner - 4 Gal. (CD1201)


JohnsonDiversey GP Forward Cleaner – 4 Gal.*

High-performance detergents act together to clean surfaces better than most cleaners. Works with cold, hot, soft and hard water in mop and bucket, auto-scrubber and trigger spray applications. Leaves surface sparkling clean w/o rinsing.

-Pack: 4×1 Gallon per Case
-Dilution Rate: 1:64-1:128
-Fresh citrus scent

Removes all types of dirt, grit, grease and soap scum. For daily use on floors, walls, and all washable surfaces.


Reviewer: Greg D.

I have a Cleaning Service and tried this cleaner,it's ok nothing to brag about. cleans just as good as any neutral low PH cleaner. It didn't remove the soap scum, or water stains, at a dilution of 2 oz. per gal.For the price I will get the lower priced cleaner.It does have a nice clean smell. = )

Reviewer: alaia

can i clean the carpet with it i didn't use it befor